1. Charlotte Robinson - Emmy winning broadcast journalist
    Michaela is truly one of those rare individuals who works to make a difference in and for our community. She’s an admirable selfless human being and an inspiration for us all.
  2. The Girls Hour radio show - Jen & Michelle
    "Michaela's phone interview was amazing! We wish we were sitting across from her having either a cup of coffee or glass of wine because truly we could have spoken to her for hours last night!"
  3. Steve Lee - LGBT Weekly
    "Michaela works tirelessly to make a difference in the community and the world around her."
  4. Ron Rubine: Field Deputy Councilmember Mitchell Englander
    "You connected with the entire class. A lot of tears and heartfelt testimony during and after your presentation. Thank you ..." Ron Rubine Field Deputy Councilmember Mitchell Englander Los Angeles City Councilmember President Pro Tempore Twelfth District and professor at Cal State Dominguez
  5. Elaine Suranie USC Keck School of Medicine
    "I was so happy that you could come and help us out at the Keck Medical School on Monday. I know that your presence made a HUGE difference to the students. What a wonderful opportunity to help future doctors make a difference for our community."
  6. Michael Eselun, Chaplain : Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. Co founder of GLIDE Speakers Bureau
    "... you handled yourself with utmost dignity, integrity and professionalism. We could never ask for more in a GLIDE speaker. I am proud to call you a colleague ... perhaps it may fill you with pride in knowing the difference you made."
  7. Lee Kooler, M.A., M.F.T.Psychological ScienceMarriage and Family Therapist
    "Thank you, again, for such a peak experience. Today the students expressed their admiration for your courage in taking this journey to yourself. They were touched that you would fly here to help them understand transgender and were amazed at your comfort level in answering their questions. A huge difference was made in my classes, thanks to you."
  8. Jerrel Walls Pastor/Founder Christ Chapel of the Valley North Hollywood, California
    "You handled yourself so well with the students today ... you are an amazing person who I've highly respected fro the first day I met you. The respect keeps growing."
  9. Marilyn Ladd - East LA College
    "You were fantastic today! My students loved you and your heartwarming story. I will never forget your inspiring presentation. Thanks again."
  10. Debi Smith Princial Daniel Pearl Magnet High School of Journalism
    "Thank you for the generosity to my school and to the students here, particularly Coby ... I know you will touch many lives here!"
  11. Driane Juarez (about Michaela's speech at the Diversity Career & Job Fair June 20, 2016)
    I believe you made a huge impact on the employers and city officials! Thank you so much for being there-it meant so much to me personally and for all the trans people who were there, they saw a role model of what they could be!!